App based patient management solution

We alleviate a genuine problem faced by individual Drs, small and medium size healthcare providers. A solution for overburdened staff to control uncertain appointment commitments and customer’s long waiting process. Our product will help to streamline and resolve these issues and bottlenecks, potentially reducing the number of staff requirements also.


Our mobile Application’s algorithms solve a number of immediate problems in the medical services market significantly increasing working efficiency and reducing patient’s waiting time


Users of this application can download and install this app through associated mobile application store for free. This app shall be available for life-time period.

Facility to register and book appointments via this app

Token issuing

Free consultation against coupon ID generation

Video consultations

Prescribing Medicines to the patients

Online payments

Obtain news and alerts from the Doctors/Hospitals

Review appointment schedules and patients list

Select token consultation sequence

Check visit/payment status